Outliers: rhetoric meets facts

During Spring break, I have decided to catch up with some reading and updating this blog. Wow, it has been a while since I have been on this page. If i remember correctly, I last updated in December!

I actually read Outliers during February Ski break. I took it up on a recommendation from my dad who has become quite a fan of Malcolm Gladwell. With this new bestseller, Gladwell has sought to give real life, current examples and stories of outliers, which in terms of statistics means data which is numerically distant from rest of the data and trendines.

The stories are humourous and intriguing and the narrative was such that I felt I was listening to the author speak. Kind of like him speaking straight to my head. The stories about outliers in society had a lot of relevance as well. Such as why IQ does not relate to creativity or success and why pilots of certain cultures and backgrounds are more prone to aeroplane accidents and crashes. I won’t delve further as to the content of the book as it is worth reading to find out yourself.

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